Mount Athos: a Halkidiki Resort Experience Like No Other


Greece is a number one destination for everyone that likes a quiet vacation packed with sandy beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, and small pockets of streets that offer all kinds of goods.

The country is known to have attracted around 31 million tourists in 2019, which speaks for itself how wanted the destination is for a nice holiday. You can visit a Halkidiki resort, a Korfu resort, a Tasos resort, a Crete resort, etc.

And with many of its islands and regions, Halkidiki is one of the most popular places in Greece for holidays with its Halkidiki resort variety. It's a region in northern Greece which attracts many, many people each year. If you have thought about visiting Halkidiki, then you might wonder where to go. There are many hotels, villas, and resorts to go to.

However, one Halkidiki resort, in particular, stands out from all the rest. This is the 5-star Mount Athos Halkidiki resort, and we will elaborate on why it's the best place to be for your vacation.

Where is the Mount Athos Halkidiki Resort located?   Halkidiki Resort 2 - room

By having one Halkidiki resort placed next to the other, you can get lost in the place and possibly need some guidance. The Mount Athos Halkidiki resort is located in the beautiful town of Ierissos, and it's fairly close to the city of Stagira.

This 5-star Halkidiki resort is also 10km away from the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain, which you can visit by boat.

Generally, the resort is placed in a convenient location that offers not only the tranquility of Greece's nature but also a wide range of activities to accompany it.

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The Best Halkidiki Resort Accommodation

Mount Athos Resort offers a unique Halkidiki resort accommodation vibe for all of its visitors, which splits into three sections.

The first one is the Mount Athos Halkidiki resort hotel itself. It has very nicely designed rooms and suites with romantic private balconies with dreamy views of the sea, the garden, and the harbor.

Just imagine watching the sunset from your Halkidiki resort balcony while sipping a margarita cocktail and getting ready for the night.

The second section for accommodation is the luxury suits in bungalows near the main Halkidiki resort hotel building. Just like the hotel, they are perfect for families with kids to enjoy their special moments at this heaven-on-earth Halkidiki resort.

And the third Mount Athos Halkidiki resort section for accommodation which is yet to come, are the villas. Villas in Greece as a whole are popular choices for accommodation. In almost every Halkidiki resort, you can find a couple of villas for those that want a 100% private holiday with their family and friends.

A Halkidiki Resort Cuisine to Remember      Halkidiki Resort 1 - food

The Mount Athos Halkidiki resort offers not only excellent accommodation but also fine cuisine and the most refreshing cocktails and wines in the region.

The Halkidiki resort has four places that provide guests with fine dining and an exquisite wine list to try from. But, seriously, once you try the steamed mussels from Olympiada with local wine and garlic from the Leuko Kochili taverna, you will dream about them.This Halkidiki resort surprises with a restaurant, a tavern, a beach and pool bar, and a lounge and relaxing bar.

You can enjoy the freshest seafood and specialties at the restaurant and the tavern, and at the bars, you can grab a cold Mythos beer and enjoy yourself.

It's not that every Halkidiki resort offers a luxurious and laid-back atmosphere. The big difference between the Mount Athos Halkidiki resort and another Halkidiki resort is that different tastes and varieties come packaged with a bow. Each guest can feel at home and somewhere exotic at the same time in just one Halkidiki resort like Mount Athos.

Halkidiki Resort Pool & Beach

When looking for a good Halkidiki resort, one tip to give you is to check if their beach has a European Blue Flag. This is a sign of a clean and well-kept beach that meets the utmost standards.

The Mount Athos Halkidiki resort has three suggestions for your best relax-by-the-beach experience:

A Private Beach

The private beach of this Halkidiki resort is a true jewel in the crown of Halkidiki with its clean beach and crystal water. It calls out your name to have some fantastic days there filled with sun and fun activities. You can even enjoy delicious cocktails and food that are served by the Mount Athos Halkidiki resort lounge right to your sunbed.

You can dive, swim peacefully or just take a boat and explore your surroundings whilst the sun cradles you in its embrace.

A Master Infinity Pool Halkidiki Resort 3 - pool

The other attraction in the Mount Athos Halkidiki resort is the big infinity pool which has a breathtaking view of the Holy Mountain.

Your favourite Halkidiki resort surprises you with a full 40 meters long infinity pool that gives the perfect view of the endless horizon. And your favourite Halkidiki resort staff is maintaining it all year long, including heating it for autumn and spring.

A Kids Infinity Pool

And for your kids' first-class entertainment, the Mount Athos Halkidiki resort has a special kids infinity pool next to the big pool. It's also heated during the autumn and spring seasons.

Choosing Mount Athos for Your Next Halkidiki Resort Destination

With many fish in the Aegean sea, finding the best Halkidiki resort for your next holiday could be tricky. However, Mount Athos is not your regular Halkidiki resort. Instead, it offers everything a 5-star resort should offer and so much more than that.

Dive into the luxury of having a broad choice at only one Halkidiki resort and let yourself relax and shake off the stress.

Come and see it for yourself. Your memorable Greek holiday is waiting around the corner!

After all, once you visit a Halkidiki resort like Mount Athos, you always come back to a Halkidiki resort like Mount Athos.

Where is the Mount Athos Halkidiki Resort located?

The Best Halkidiki Resort Accommodation

A Halkidiki Resort Cuisine to Remember

Halkidiki Resort Pool & Beach

Choosing Mount Athos for Your Next Halkidiki Resort Destination