5 Things to Consider for the Ultimate Summer Holiday, Halkidiki


Brave adventure, high-end recreation, stylish luxury, and authentic atmosphere - are you already feeling excited about designing your next summer holiday? Halkidiki definitely has to offer a little something for everyone - from nature lovers to culture connoisseurs, from off-beat explorers to leisure seekers… And everyone in between.

So, how are you supposed to outline your ultimate summer holiday? Halkidiki is there for you, and it is all packed with some rather remarkable alternatives. All you need to do is consider five simple details regarding your “Summer Holiday Halkidiki” project and then pick the best offer out there to equal your expectations.

Today, we are pleased to be your guide in the realm of sunshiny encounters. Because when it comes to the perfect summer holiday, Halkidiki is the gem you’ve been looking for all along.

#1 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the “Finger”     summer holiday halkidiki 4 - the island

Summer Holiday Halkidiki,” chapter one. You’re headed to a hand-shaped Greek peninsula with three separate “fingers” of approximately the same size. These are, in fact, three smaller peninsulas, each of which is a supreme summer holiday Halkidiki destination itself.

Listed from west to east, these summer holiday Halkidiki locations are as follows:

The Kassandra Peninsula - the most crowded of the three summer holiday Halkidiki headlands, known mainly for its abundant entertainment and nightlife opportunities;

The Sithonia Peninsula - the summer holiday Halkidiki destination with the widest variety of different beaches, also known for its picturesque off-beat nature;

The Mount Athos Peninsula - the most exquisite of the three summer holiday Halkidiki peninsulas, world-renowned for both its cultural heritage and unblemished natural splendor.

So - is your summer holiday Halkidiki going to be party-styled, nature-oriented, or consolidating the best of all worlds? You name it; you have it. But still, we have a slight hint for the ultimate summer holiday Halkidiki has to offer.

Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Why Mount Athos? 

Also known as the “Holy Mountain” or the spiritual capital of Orthodox Christianity, Mount Athos gives so much more than the ordinary summer holiday. Halkidiki has a lot of gems in its crown, but this one is unquestionably a must-see.

When it comes to a summer holiday Halkidiki, Mount Athos has the whole package: deluxe resorts, untamed scenery, and a spectacular cultural landscape with over 20 monasteries and 700 different religious hermitages, houses, and cells.

Because the best summer holiday Halkidiki has to offer is tied with past and present, tradition and modernity, nature and hospitality.

#2 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the Type of Vacation  summer holiday halkidiki 1 - room

Now that you’ve chosen the “finger,” take your time to analyze the type of experience you would expect from the perfect summer holiday, Halkidiki. Your alternatives? They can range between:

An adventuresome, adrenaline-packed, and vigorous summer holiday, Halkidiki;

A sensual, ambient, and restorative summer holiday, Halkidiki;

An urban, a natural, or a mixed setting for your summer holiday, Halkidiki.

The best news? As one of the most prominent tourist destinations around the Mediterranean, the summer holiday Halkidiki has to offer often unites all of the above.

At the 5-star Mount Athos Resort, the summer holiday Halkidiki provides is close to nature, closer to culture, and closest to perfection. Because we aim to design a summer holiday, Halkidiki, that takes you both to the past, the present, and the future - each of which is paramount and impressive.

#3 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the Accommodation  summer holiday halkidiki 2 - pool view

A distinguished summer holiday Halkidiki location has to contribute a few fundamentals for the ultimate Greek encounter:

A well-developed infrastructure and easy access to your summer holiday Halkidiki settlement;

A set of clean, stylish, and assorted rooms and apartments, suitable for visitors of all ages, searching for the best summer holiday, Halkidiki;

Family-friendly extras for the convenience of the little ones and their parents during a summer holiday, Halkidiki;

Fine cuisine with plenty of choices for locally-picked healthy ingredients and traditional Greek recipes;

Closely located private or virgin beaches that guarantee privacy and comfort during your summer holiday, Halkidiki.

Happily, you can quickly check these details online with just a couple of clicks. Because the options are limitless, and the only way to make a reasonable choice is to make it informed, personal, and tailored to your needs.

Mount Athos Resort: Luxury Summer Holiday, Halkidiki

At the Five Star Mount Athos Resort, your summer holiday Halkidiki experience will be the perfect shape-shifter.

From the main building to the private side villas - we strive to make a summer holiday Halkidiki perfection suitable for anyone’s own understanding of recreation.

Signature cocktails, an on-site Greek tavern, a private Blue Flag beach, and welcoming staff - we have the basics, and we are ready to design your ultimate summer holiday - Halkidiki style.

#4 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Design Your Stay summer holiday halkidiki 3 - comfort

You’ve picked the location, the experience, the amenities, and all… Now, the only thing you need to make your summer holiday Halkidiki memorable is the stay itself.

Is it all about chilling next to the pool all day long? Causal sightseeing around town? Gastronomic touring among the best places to eat in town? Sunbathing, mountain hiking, or just reading a good book in your quiet room with a view?

There is no right or wrong thing to do during a summer holiday. Halkidiki, on the other hand, will serve the palette of experiences on a plate. Then, it is entirely up to you to decide how to have the time of your life.

#5 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Enjoy the Ambiance of Greece!

Greek people are warm and welcoming; Greek nature is sensational and well-preserved; Greek culture is the cradle of European civilization; Greek hospitality is a game-changer.

It kind of sounds like a promising beginning for the best summer vacation of your life, does it not? So, make up your mind, grab the chance, book the flight, and come see how life is supposed to be: easy, laidback, and worth living.

At Mount Athos Resort, we know how to make it your way.

#1 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the “Finger”

#2 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the Type of Vacation

#3 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Choose the Accommodation

#4 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Design Your Stay

#5 Summer Holiday, Halkidiki: Enjoy the Ambiance of Greece!