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Immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere of exquisite elegance and ultimate comfort

The 5-star Mount Athos Resort in Halkidiki, Greece offers you different types of accommodation, united by our profound understanding of luxury, comfort and fine living.

Choose the one that best suits your special preferences – for a unique holiday experience with impeccable facilities and excellent service. 

Mount Athos Resort has 74 modern rooms and suites, located in the main hotel building and separate neighbouring bungalows. All tastefully designed, with every detail meant to combine exquisite elegance and comfort. 

Mount Athos Hotel welcomed its first guests in the summer of 2020. It’s built in the place of one of the first hotels in Halkidiki that has a rich history going back to 1967. Thanks to the outstanding location and the beauty of the region the old Mount Athos Hotel used to be a preferred holiday retreat for the high society of Greece. 

It made its glamourous comeback in 2020 with new owners and an innovative concept that offers a unique holiday experience in Halkidiki, Greece. 

The main building is completely renovated and its elegant modern design preserves the spirit of the original architecture that blends the religious and cultural characteristics of the region. 

The hotel’s 61 fascinating rooms and suites are located just above the harbour and the beach, offering elegant interiors and beautiful views. 

Mount Athos Suites - our 13 luxury suites are located in bungalows near the main building. Each has a private terrace with lounge chairs and beautiful views of the sea or the resort’s garden. 

Comfortable, elegant, and trendy they offer superior comfort for families with kids or those who seek an exquisite experience.

Mount Athos Resort Facilities

Mesmerizing views, glamourous infinity pools, exceptional restaurants and bars, plus a great variety of entertainment and daily activities – Mount Athos Resort has it all!

Our team will welcome you at the Reception in the main building, where you can also find the Concierge Desk. Its expert staff will assist you with any special requests or sightseeing tours.

Have a drink in the lobby bar and get acquainted with our diverse program of daily activities. If you wish to do some shopping, head to the Boutique and then be sure to check out the rooftop Sunset Sky Bar – the amazing view is not to be missed, especially in the evening.

Our main restaurant has a Kids’ Corner with animation during dinner hours, so that you can enjoy some quality time on your own. For the children’s all-day play and fun, there’s a special Entertainment and Sports Area that will keep them active and happy throughout your family vacation.

The Tavern is the place to be for delicious Greek dishes and live music performances – check our program and save the date for an unforgettable evening.

Enjoy our three infinity swimming pools with direct access to the beach, two of them especially designed for children. The Lounge & Relax Bar and the Fusion Restaurant will serve you fresh food and drinks anytime you feel like it while relaxing at the Beach & Pool area.

You will find the Mini Market, Beauty Salon and Fitness Center near the bungalows and our Tennis Court and Mini Football Playground await you to book a visit and have fun.

If you love to stay active during your holiday, be sure to check out our water sports activities at the beach!

Discover Luxurious Halkidiki Accommodation at the Heart of the Aegean Sea

Whether it is a stroll down the sandy beach or a nourishing dinner at the hotel - Mount Athos has everything to ensure your total comfort.

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The Halkidiki accommodation will cater to all your unique needs and provide an unmatchable level of service. From fine dining and leisure to atmospheric vibes on the private beach, you will discover everything you ever dreamed of and more by merely taking a couple of seconds to book this superb Halkidiki accommodation. All while staying away from the ordinary.

Not Your Ordinary Halkidiki Accommodation

Halkidiki Accommodation 1 - not a typical vacation

Mount Athos resort is not your typical vacation. While other Halkidiki accommodation services may provide you a nicely furnished room and tasty dining experience, the Mount Athos Halkidiki accommodation takes proper care of its customers by providing all necessities to ensure their indulgent stay.

The resort’s motto focuses on escape from the ordinary - and the Halkidiki accommodation provides just that. Within the resort, you will discover high-end privacy and closeness to both nature and the finest contemporary hospitality. Are you hooked on the feeling? Let us tell you a bit more.

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Chills for Takes

For most people, Halkidiki accommodation is a synonym for leisure and relaxation. Mount Athos caters to these expectations, and even outjumps them.

Our Halkidiki accommodation service provides the ultimate environment and amenities for everyone wishing to experience a brand-new level of well-being. By booking Halkidiki accommodation at the resort, you are guaranteed to enjoy a summer holiday of perfect peace, quiet, and restoration.

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Elegance and Comfort for All

Imagine coming back to a stylishly furnished, clean room after a day of adventures and laying your body on the pillowy soft duvet covers. With the right type of Halkidiki accommodation, all of this is more than a mirage.

Halkidiki Accommodation 2 - by the beach

Mount Athos is set to provide the outstanding elegance and relaxation you need. We present the option of booking either an elegant and luxurious suite with a sea view or a stylish artisanal room in the hotel. Both are astonishing. Both are up for grabs at the Halkidiki accommodation at Mount Athos.

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: s Large Array of Beautifully Furnished Rooms

Halkidiki accommodation at Mount Athos has 61 different rooms and 13 suites at your disposal. So, whether you want a bungalow or a sea view apartment, Mount Athos has it.

The Halkidiki accommodation rooms range from a standard room with all utilities to Sea View or Port view rooms that will leave you in awe as you wake up in the morning. Mount Athos also has two different apartments at your disposal - Junior and Supreme - all beautiful in their unique way.

The Halkidiki accommodation does not end here. Mount Athos Halkidiki accommodation has three different bungalow suites located near the hotel building. There, you can rest in the comfortable lounge chairs or have a cocktail on your private balcony.

Our Halkidiki accommodation suites are elegantly furnished and have all the necessary utilities and cosmetics to ensure a comfortable stay. In addition, the Halkidiki accommodation suites provide a fresh look at the sea while not taking away from the calm relaxation under the tree shades. Your perfect holiday is now possible with Halkidiki accommodation.

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Relax your Body; Nourish your Soul

Halkidiki Accommodation 3 - room

Upon checking in to your Halkidiki accommodation at Mount Athos, you will discover an unmatchable level of comfort.

From comfortable mattresses that follow the body’s natural shape to soft pillows that embrace your head to leave you lying on a bed of clouds - Halkidiki accommodation has it all.

The resort has carefully taken care of your needs during your stay and has filled the hotel room minibar with all essentials to have you refreshed and relaxed at all times. Booking a Halkidiki accommodation at this premium resort will ensure you feel as special as the stars.

More than anything, the rooms at the resort will help you unwind after long months of work and stress. Each room and suite is stylishly decorated to please the eye from the moment it opens in the morning to the time it closes at night. What’s more - our Halkidiki accommodation staff is available 24/7 and is here to help you relax and enjoy your stay.

World-class Halkidiki Accommodation Service

Mount Athos is famous for its hospitality and outstanding customer service. The Halkidiki accommodation service at the hotel is one of the many benefits you will receive upon arriving. From the first time the resort doors open for you to long after you depart, the Mount Athos crew will take care of all your needs with kindness and a smile.

The Mount Athos Halkidiki accommodation prides itself in providing an outstanding service charged with graciousness and respect. You are guaranteed to feel like royalty.

Romance at Halkidiki Accommodation the Heart of the Aegean Sea

Another specialty of the Halkidiki accommodation is providing a romantic getaway for couples searching for an escape from the ordinary.

Halkidiki Accommodation 4 - bathroom

Our Halkidiki accommodation service is all about satisfying your demands and making you feel exceptional at any time. Be it a romantic in-bed breakfast or a nourishing artisanal dinner at the restaurant, the Mount Athos Halkidiki accommodation staff will take care of it.

The three restaurants available to guests are the perfect vacation for the tastebuds. Artisanal dishes and refreshing drinks are all up for grabs for everyone with a Halkidiki accommodation.

Book your Stylish Halkidiki Accommodation

Mount Athos welcomes all guests in search of an escape from ordinary life. From chic rooms to water adventures and fine dining - Halkidiki accommodation has everything you need to enjoy a colorful vacation.

The Halkidiki accommodation service is available to all guests via the resort’s official website. By choosing the Halkidiki accommodation option, you will find all the necessary information about the rooms and suites available at the resort. So simply pick your favorite Halkidiki accommodation choice, and let us take you on a journey of recreation and enjoyment.

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Discover Luxurious Halkidiki Accommodation at the Heart of the Aegean Sea

Not Your Ordinary Halkidiki Accommodation

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Chills for Takes

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Elegance and Comfort for All

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: s Large Array of Beautifully Furnished Rooms

Mount Athos Halkidiki Accommodation: Relax your Body; Nourish your Soul

World-class Halkidiki Accommodation Service

Romance at Halkidiki Accommodation the Heart of the Aegean Sea

Book your Stylish Halkidiki Accommodation