Walltopia - unique climbing facilities for our little quests


Kids have their own kingdom at the Mount Athos resort, and it is called Walltopia Fun Park. We have partnered with the world's leading climbing wall manufacturer Walltopia to create a specially designed interactive climbing wall, zip line and rope course. The facilities provide an exceptional experience for both kids and adults and guarantee that your holiday would be fun and active.

Walltopia Fun Park is situated in a special area in the resort where our experienced team of animators will make sure that you and your kids are safe and have a big smile on your faces.


Fun Walls are interactive climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the challenge of climbing and the fun of play.

Rocktopia is a way of going back to the roots of rock climbing. These walls are made from fiberglass, and the molds that are used to shape their panels have been cast from real rocks at some of the most iconic crags.

Rocktopia provides a great variety of rock features with various relief that can be challenging for both beginners and advanced climbers


For those who like to test their limits and like adrenaline rush adventures, zip-line has so much to offer. Not just because you get to fly, but because you get to explore different ones which means that every zip line experience is great оn its own way.


Uniquely designed ropes courses turn physical activity into a fun experience. They challenge flexibility, balance, and strength in a thrill boosting way while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with several Eurocode safety standards. This is a great way to overcome the fear of height.