Our journey to the immaculate holiday experience in Greece


Some three years ago, the idea of Mount Athos Resort was born out of our passion for authentic beauty and cultural heritage. Our desire was to find the perfect place, that allowed us to design not just another luxury complex in Greece, but a complete experience, where serenity, comfort and genuine appreciation of nature’s precious gifts are all harmoniously blended for a truly unforgettable vacation.

We found this place here, on the hypnotic Halkidiki peninsula, where the Aegean Sea captivates the soul with its endless blue horizon. Agion Oron, the third ‘leg’ of Halkidiki, became the home of our passion project and it won our hearts with its tranquil atmosphere and astonishing beauty. It’s an area so pure and untouched by outer influences and at the same time, one can never be bored. The sea and the beach welcome you to blissful relaxation or various exciting activities and the vast cultural heritage of the region offers a journey of discovery with numerous sightseeing and archeological sites.

Indeed, it was all we were looking for and more! The perfect summer hideaway, far from bustling urban areas, yet next to a little town – the picturesque Ierissos with its charming harbor. But what’s even more inspiring about the place we chose is that Mount Athos Resort is just 10 km away from the border of the Holy Mountain, one of the most sacred places for Orthodox Christianity.

This majestic and spiritual region has a truly unparalleled atmosphere. You can guess it’s no wonder that the birthplace of Aristotle, one of the fathers of Western philosophy, is a mere 20 km away.

Once we found our place, 75 000 sq. m. of beautiful landscape, nestled between a small pine forest and a sandy beach, the real work began. We started with the existing hotel of the same name, which has a rich history, being one of the first hotels in Halkidiki. We renovated it completely in line with the luxury vacation concept of the Mount Athos Resort. The new modern design preserves the spirit of the original architecture that blends the religious and cultural characteristics of the region.

To be able to do that we spent three years in development, researching the archaeology and designing construction plans with great precision and care. Finally, we were extremely happy with the result, as we achieved our aim – a superbly modern look with exquisite design, following all the current trends, yet preserving the region’s nature and history.

The final touch was the logo of Mount Athos Resort – its color was inspired by the breathtaking sunsets and their reflection in the beautiful Aegean Sea.

Now, we can’t wait to welcome you to our five-star oasis of sun, fun, and relaxation! Mount Athos Hotel is the first part of the resort which will be opened in April 2020, together with a part of Mount Athos Suites. The rest of our stylish suites and villas will open in 2021.

Travelling to the resort is really convenient, you’ll find more details on our website. So, all you have to do is choose the dates and plan your stay with us for a profound experience of luxury, comfort and fine living.

You’ll fall in love with the lush greenery, the enchanting panoramic views, the blissful beach and pools areas, and the luxurious accommodation of utmost elegance.

And that’s not all – Mount Athos Resort is extremely kids-friendly with excellent facilities and programs, which makes it an ideal choice for families.

Our restaurants and bars please the finest tastes, offering outstanding gastronomy experiences, as well as vibrant entertainment.

All this awaits you here at Mount Athos Resort. It’s simply irresistible!

Plan your unforgettable vacation now, we’re looking forward to meeting you this summer!