The Leuko Kochili Tavern: Greek Cuisine at Its Finest

Are you looking for the right place to have the gastronomic and soulful experience of a lifetime? Then, feel welcome to enjoy the pleasures of life in the Leuko Kochili Tavern - a place with distinct character and an extraordinary vibe.

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A few steps above the beach, with amazing views of the Aegean Sea, Leuko Kochili Tavern awaits you to choose a favorite spot and spend some quality time, enjoying our traditional Greek dishes that will make you come back for more.

On top of the latest cuisine trends, our Executive Chef Paraskevaidis has created а special menu that can satisfy even the most refined taste.

Lively Greek music and an evening program will entertain you, as you celebrate the amazing atmosphere of Halkidiki.

The Tavern works from noon till late at night to offer you outstanding gastronomy experience whenever you’re in the mood for sublime Greek flavors. You’ll love every bite, there’s no doubt about it!

Catch of the Day: a Surprise from the Fishermen near the Leuko Kochili Tavern

That’s a seaside restaurant without fresh seafood? For the ultimate delight of its guests, the Leuko Kochili Tavern maintains long-term partnerships with the local fishermen, who provide the restaurant with fresh fish and seafood right on the spot.

In the “Catch of the Day” section of the Leuko Kochili Tavern menu, visitors can choose between what the sea has provided for the day - freshly cooked and traditionally flavored to deliver the spirit of Greece at its finest.

Executive Chef

With an innate love for the outstanding flavours of the Greek cuisine and experience in top-class restaurants, Executive Chef Tasos Paraskevaidis will bring the authentic culinary magic of Greece to your plate.

Experience this culinary journey at the Leuko Kochili Tavern at Mount Athos Resort.

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